Visual Effects, News and Importance

It’s been kind of a slow week for news, and I’ve been a little too busy to write up any tutorials, reviews, or articles, so here’s a quick summary of website I visit regularly. is a site maintained by Australian effects expert Ian Failes. Ian combs the webnet daily for news and articles about visual effects in recent and upcoming feature films, and frequently posts exclusive interviews with VFX technicians.

Over the last couple of days, vfxblog has posted links to the new issue of Cinefex (including a Peter Jackson interview), a number of articles from Film and Video magazine, a podcast about using moving cameras from Scott Squires’ blog, and the latest video production diary from King Kong.

I’m going to try not to turn this website into a purely effects and animation, but that is my background, and it is something that I find interesting. And regardless of how interesting or boring the latest whiz-bang effects are to most readers, even the basic and humble independent film can benefit from a little digital manipulation. Over the last ten years, special effects have gone from an expensive way to show things that can’t be filmed, to a more affordable way to present things that are merely cost-prohibitive.

And even the most technophobic of independent filmmakers should be aware of some of the new advancements that can add value to their final films without expanding their budgets too much. After all, some of the recently available technologies are the entire reason that we have a budding independent industry, and affordable equipment, so have a look through some more of the links at left.