RED Camera Interview

Talking of cameras, Mike Curtis at HD for Indies managed to get an exclusive interview with Oakley founder Jim Jannard about the RED camera. In it, Mr. Jannard explains why his sunglasses company is actually well-suited do develop a camera, why he personally is pushing the project, and goes into more detail on what we can expect.

Not too much detail, though… pricing and specific technical specs will be released at NAB (Upper South Hall, booth SU1401, to be exact). Nevertheless, there lots of good data about the motivations behind this camera and what it’s meant to do, and it’s also a good read because Mike and Jim bring up a lot of limitations with current HD camera solutions, and (roughly) how the RED camera will attempt to solve them.

More info should be forthcoming soon, because NAB is only a few months away (April 22-27, to be exact), and they expect to have working cameras by the end of the year. And lenses. And whatever else they announce at NAB. Check it out. The article also includes links to other news and resources about the camera.