Getting the Most out of HD(V)

Studio Monthly has just put up an article featuring lots of first-person advice from eighteen directors, camera operators, cinematographers, and engineers on how to maximize the quality of your HD productions. Most of the tips are for SD folks stepping up to the new resolution and aspect ration (and frame rates, processing, latitude, workflow, etc…), but there’s some detailed data on presets, filters, and editing techniques as well. Most helpful.

And now, in the interest of fairness, I’d like to follow my previous Panasonic coverage with a report of an AG-HVX2000 shoot that did run smoothly. I’m not totally sold on this camera or its recording media, but Shane Ross has had few hiccups with the P2 workflow. His trick was to hire a tech to spend the whole day dumping the cards onto external drives, and he avoided many issues by skipping the Mac and using a PC laptop. Here are parts one and two of his three-part report.