HDV on the Set of 24 part 2

A couple of months ago I posted a link to a Showreel magazine article on the DPs of 24 testing HDV cameras for show production. In part one the tried the Sony Z1 and the JVC HD100, and here in part two they put the Canon XL H1 and Panasonic HVX200 through their paces. Very interesting stuff, and I recommend that you read the full article. They comment on a number of workflow and camera issues, but their main complaints seem to be that the Canon’s stock lens and viewfinder are useless for drama work, and that the Panasonic shows more image noise than the other cameras.

They also point out that while all network sitcoms have now switched over to digital, all the drama shows and even drama pilots are still being shot on film. In terms of speed, flexibility, and range, 35mm is still unbeatable. Particularly for a show like 24, which is shot fast and moves fast, with chases and pyro work, shot during the day and at night, over a variety of sets and locations. Fortunately, much of the show is shot in the CTU headquarters set, which is fully enclosed and rigged with fully controllable lighting, which made it perfect for video tests.