Random Links

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the site because I’m swamped with work. Here’s a few things that I’ve been reading about recently. The South by Southwest Film Festival recently ended, and HD for Indies covered that very well. Mike has posted his notes from lectures and panels on things like theater technology, theatrical vs. DVD release, and some great info on Sony’s XDCAM system that they showed off there. CinemaMinima has a writeup on the documentary production panel, and Cinematech posted links to some more articles.

I also found a neat blog on After Effects Techniques posted by Stu Maschwitz, filmmaker, compositor, and “accidental technologist.” He’s one of the founders of The Orphanage, and helped develop Magic Bullet and eLin with Red Giant. eLin is a compositing tool that offers better control over transparencies and color correction by using linear correction rather than gamma (if I understand it right), which is particularly useful for those outputting to film. This is Stu’s area of expertise, and his blog is filled with explanations of the differences between linear and gamma, logarithmic color depth, and how to use After Effects to manage the different color workflows.