Avid’s Interplay Announced

As you all know, I’m a big fan of Avid systems. Lesser NLE solutions like Final Cut and Premiere (which I use) are all very well and good, but there’s a lot of things that just need the extra power and ability of a professional, industrial-strength, purpose-built editing solution. And a few days ago, Avid announced the availability of their new Interplay workflow engine.

Originally revealed at NAB, Interplay ties into almost all of Avid’s NLEs and provides secure access to a myriad of filetypes on a user-by-user basis. There a number of toolsets that do things like transparently transcoding files into whatever format is require, simultaneously capturing media at different resolutions, and automatically creating user archives of media libraies and projects. Paul Schleicher’s blog HD to 35 has more info on the individual components that make Interplay so cool.