The Future of Web Video: Book Review

Well, I’ve had a busy winter, which explains the lateness of this book review. Well over a month ago, Scott Kisner sent me a copy of his new book, and it’s only over the holidays that I’ve had a chance to sit down and digest it. As a regular reader of Scott’s excellent blog Cinematech, I’ve grown to appreciate his writing style and trust his journalistic integrity. All of his articles on the digital age of entertainment are the result of careful study and copious research.

And now, with years of experience under his belt and plenty of interviews and articles to his credit, he has now written the definitive book on Internet video: what it is, and what it can be. The Future of Web Video is a fantastic resource, filled with interviews, charts, diagrams, predictions, surveys, and practical analysis. This is an in-depth, must-read book for everyone wanting to produce or understand new media.

Web video is a tricky subject to report on, and its future seems almost impossible to predict, but Scott has covered the bases well. He has interviewed the owners of web video sites about revenue, examined the top viral hits, and collected a long list of web resources documenting the subject. There are also sections on movies and advertising, as well as examinations into new platforms and markets.

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