Outside Hollywood Book On Sale

Yesterday, my book, also entitled Outside Hollywood, went on sale! It’s been a few years in the making, but it’s finally here. If you’ve enjoyed reading my articles, here, I suggest you get the book for some more in-depth information on the moral, technical, and artistic aspects of film and the film industry. It’s by no means a complete handbook, but I’ve tried to create a beginners guide to approaching movies, both from an entrepreneurial view and a theological foundation.

The book begins with a description of film as a powerful cultural and religious weapon, and there are chapters on the Training and Qualifications of the beginning filmmaker, some history on How Hollywood Created Itself and How Hollywood Destroyed Itself. This overview of the industry and its history is vital to truly understanding its current position.

There’s a discussion of the prevailing Christian film mindset in the chapter Cowardly Filmmaking, and then alternatives to it in Valiant Writing, and Resourceful Producing, as well as Professional Directing. To that end, there are chapters on The Easy Things to Learn, The Hard Things to Learn, and the Future of Filmmaking Outside Hollywood. You can learn more about the book here.

I also recommend “From Script to Cinema,” a nine-DVD set of lectures from the San Antonio Christian Film Academy, which includes a free video on the making of Men O’ War. And at the moment, you can get them both together for a 25% savings here.