November Announcements

Well, now that the film festival is over and Return of the Daughters is shipping, things are getting back to normal. However, over the last few months we’ve been working on a few things that can be announced now.

The first is an online store for a number of Botkin Family products, which now be can be found online at One of our new products is an audio lecture on the The Making of Return of the Daughters, featuring all of us who worked on the project. The CDs will be shipping any day now, but if you are in a hurry you can purchase and download an MP3.

A second new product is the Original Soundtrack for the film, written and recorded by Ben Botkin using Cubase and the Garritan Personal Orchestra. Head over to the store to listen to track samples and find out more.

New products will be apearing soon, so keep an eye on this site for more announcements. The ability to sell downloadable products as well as physical merchandise opens the door for many new possibilities for us, and we’re considering putting together more lectures and training materials for filmmakers. Email me any suggestions for products that you would like to see in early 2008.