Canon, RED, and Digital Cinema

A couple of things happened yesterday on the digital camera front. First, the Canon 5D Mark II reportedly hit stores, and second, Jim Jannard announced that more changes to the RED lineup would be announced on December 3rd. I doubt that the two news items are related, but the RED announcement is odd because there was already an official announcement last week that made the direction of the new DSMC line pretty clear.

Imaginary Scarlet CameraSince it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on this, let me recap the situation. In April, RED announced that they would be adding the larger Epic and smaller, $3,000 2/3” fixed-lens Scarlet to their product set. In late August, Nikon announced that their D90 SLR would have 720p video capability and cost less than a grand. A few weeks later, Canon responded by adding similar functionality to their new 5D MkII, offering full frame 1080p for $2,700. A few days later, RED decided to redesign their camera systems in light of these new market changes. It took almost two months for them to work out this new modular plan.

And since this all unfolded on the internet, much forum furor ensued as various photographers and filmmakers organized themselves into vicious factions to fight over which option was actually “the future.”

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