Men O’ War Gets Theatrical Release at Film Festival (kinda)

Most of you probably remember Men O’ War, the 3D Lego short that my brothers and I made in 2006. We cobbled it together for fun, to salute the many stop-motion animators who had been submitting films to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, and to create some very basic object lessons about pre-production, modeling, animation, art design, compositing, sound effects, and music. We never really expected that it would go anywhere beyond that, so it’s fun whenever we get mail from people who have watched it.

 Minifigs love Men O’ War

Today, I got a YouTube message from a new friend named Øyvind, who has just built a stunning LEGO replica of the Verdensteateret, which is the oldest operational cinema in Norway. You can see his very accurate, nearly-scale model below (on the left) compared to the real building (on the right).

 The Verdensteateret in Tromsø
click to enlarge

As you can see, the inside of the theater is kitted out with a full minifig audience watching brickfilms on a small LCD screen, and he has very kindly included Men O’ War in the programme, giving it an extremely miniature theatrical release! And if that weren’t neat enough, the LEGO model was created for the Tromsø International Film Festival, who’s headquarters are in the real, full-size Verdensteateret, and so attendees were able to see our little short when they arrived.

So, I’d like to commend Øyvind for his fine work (you can see many more images of the model at Brickshelf), and point out that the mini-Verdensteateret’s next film releases should probably include Council’s Commission and Wars of Humanity III, two LEGO stop-motion films that were finalists at this year’s SAICFF.

  1. That is hilarious!

  2. Way cool!!! =D

    - Tyler
  3. Very cool! The real building and the Lego one look amazingly similar! Actually, the real one looks amazingly Lego, which probably helped a bit.
    I’m also happy this site got updated, I always like to see that. :-) Congratulations on your fittingly Lego-sized premiere!

  4. Lovely! I am a little LEGO character and I always wanted to go to the movies! Those TV-screens are too big for me :)
    Unfortunately the theater it pretty far, but I think I’ll manage to get there eventually as new low-cost LEGO airline is opening near my town.
    Thank you for building this great place for folks like me!

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