Cineform Bought by GoPro

I’ve been recommending the Cineform codec to video editors for years. Its speed, quality, and efficiency make it an intermediate codec that is perfect for all areas of post production. However, it would also make an ideal acquisition codec, and so, for years I have also been urging camera manufacturers to purchase or license the encoder so we can more easily shoot “visually lossless” video natively in-camera.

At the moment, the only camera system that records using Cineform is the Silicon Imaging line, most famously used to shoot the Bombay scenes from Slumdog Millionaire and currently hard at work on Transformers 3. There is also the CineDeck, a solid state encoding and playback device that can record the video feed from a camera using the Cineform codec, but so far none of the larger camera manufacturers are using it natively. This is all about to change. Sort of. Possibly.

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