Navigating History’s New Logo

Check out the new logo for the Navigating History: Egypt. Built by the talented guys at the Effects Forge and slightly updated for the soon-to-be-released DVD set, I think it captures the look and feel of the show very well.

There will be a lot of Navigating History announcements coming soon, so stay tuned, either here, or on the Navigating History Facebook page.

  1. Very nice! It gives the feeling of looking through a camera lens.

  2. Very very nice. I really like it. I like the lens light thing on the left side. (I don’t know the right term…) what program created it?

    - Natalya
  3. I have been waiting excitedly for the DVDs, so this is great news! I’ll try to keep being patient. :)

    Any idea where you guys are going next yet?

    - Grace
  4. Great work!

    - Daniel
  5. This was made almost entirely in Adobe After Effects, but the letters themselves were rendered in Lightwave. The lens flare was created by Video Copilot’s inimitable Optical Flares plugin, which is so cool that it’s hard not to add flares to everything.

    As far as where Navigating History goes next… we’re still discussing the possibilities.

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