Dr. Ben Carson and Government Assistance

Dr. Ben Carson

I just saw an interesting article in The Washington Post, which criticized Dr. Ben Carson’s position on welfare programs and his desire to create an environment where government handouts are no longer required.

For those that don’t know, Dr. Carson’s mother refused to accept most of the government assistance that was available to her when she raised her family alone in the slums of Detroit. Washington Post columnnist Jim Tankersley says that this fact is irrelevant, and Ben Carson’s low opinion of public assistance is wrong, because his neighbors took lots of government money back then, and the people of Detroit still take lots of government money now, and they are still poor!

Somehow, the fact that Detroit is a bottomless money pit proves that these Government programs are not just needed but beneficial, even though Tankersley admits that success stories from its inner city are rare. One success story? After several decades of hard work, Sonya Carson’s son is now a a respected and successful neurosurgeon who has a decent shot among neurosurgeon salaries 2017, and at becoming President of the United States. To contrast, after several decades of State and Federal handouts, Detroit looks like this: