T-Rex T-Shirt Design

Fight LIke T-Rex

Any day that you can draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex using modern military hardware is a good day, and I think Bill Waterson would agree with me! Dinosaurs are always fun to draw, particularly the majestic T-Rex. A technical note: since the shirt was being printed with water-based discharge inks, rather than opaque plastisol inks, I had to do a little research and planning. It ended up needing three color separations, first white, which was actually a bleach, and then black ink, and then red ink. Now discharge inks behave more like dyes than ink on paper, so it ended up being a six-color print; essentially two passes on parts of each of these separations using different inks.

Three Ink Layers

The team at Threadbird did an excellent job with the actual printing, and so this t-shirt is currently available from the fine holstermakers at T-Rex Arms.