Concept Renders: Data


Here are a few pieces of concept art I made today. I’m in the middle of building out a full marketing and branding package for a data analytics company, and today I’m experimenting with different ways of depicting the abstract concept of “data.”


Today’s experiments are in developing the look. I’ve already done a number of tests of motion; how these blocks of “data” are animated as they are “analyzed” to reveal patterns, shapes, and relationships. Right now the process is pretty simple.


Lots of procedurally-driven animation, lots of geometry instancing, and some basic flocking as well. Lighwave has some very impressive instancing tools, and there’s a lot of neat ways to drive flocking instances using geometry.


And then pretty basic compositing in After Effects. Final renders will get more attention, but these two doodles are just pretty simple glows, blurs, and color tweaks, with some particle emitters and light effects. I might even add some lens reflections and chromatic aberrations.