Adding Elastic Pockets to a Camera Strap


I’m used to travelling with with a lot of camera equipment. I like having a kit of several lenses, some audio recording equipment, and at least one backup camera, just in case. However, now that Heidi and James are with me, and James requires a pretty sizable collection of accessories, support equipment, and backup clothing just of his own, I tend to carry a lot less production gear. Of course, if I’m travelling for work, I generally have a bag or two like this one, but on our last family trip, all I brought was an H2 recorder and a tiny point-and-shoot camera.


Of course, I still wanted to take along spare batteries and an extra memory card. The problem was that I didn’t really want to throw all this extra stuff in my pockets along with my phone, wallet, knife, and then James’ toys, pacifier, teething gel, extra socks, discarded shoes, bits of windscreen that he has chewed off of the H2, etc. And so to make all the camera gear fit into a single, easily grabbable item, Heidi made these nifty pockets for the neck strap. Each pocket is simply a loop of 3″ elastic threaded onto the strap, sewed shut on the bottom, and then sewed partly shut on the top. That little bit of stitching at the top of the pocket keeps card and batteries extremely secure inside.


The system works great. Anywhere that we have the camera, we have the extra batteries and memory, and since the RX100 IV shoots 20mp RAW images and 4K video, I actually end up using both 64GB cards pretty heavily. I highly recommend Heidi’s camera strap pockets to anyone, especially folks with small cameras that take small batteries. I’m planning on adding some pockets to my DSLR strap as well, to hold extra cards and windscreens and earbuds and smaller accessories. I should note that Heidi actually made the whole neck strap, out of nylon webbing, split rings, and Technora cord, but the pockets are the clever bit, and they would be very easy to retrofit to any camera straps that you are already using.