Two Years of Marriage in the Tennessee Jungle


For a girl who lived in Colorado for 23 years of her life, Tennessee landscape and scenery is breathtaking. Where Colorado is strong, open, rugged, and dry bordering on barren, Tennessee is lush, humid, dense, teeming with growth and greenery, and spring comes sooner than I ever thought possible.

Last week we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. How we can have been married forever, and yet 2 whole years have flown by so quickly is a mystery I may never solve. But to celebrate this special day, I found a beautiful park about an hour away from us, near Nashville. In Colorado we would call this an “open space,” but here in Tennessee such a thing is simply unheard of. It’s only where a tree has recently fallen that there’s briefly any open space. Every square inch of ground seems to be teeming with growth; some of it wild, some of cultivated, but life pops out of every corner. Now, back to the park.


There were biking, hiking and equestrian trails, a bull frog pond where I spotted no less than twenty healthy specimens (each croaking out its unique sound that Isaac says is like a loose banjo string), little creeks and streams bubbling merrily, beautiful stone walls covered in soft moss, May apples bobbing in the small breeze (I’m sure one of these days a little fairy is going to peek out from under one of these cute little umbrella-looking plants), squirrels darting from branch to branch, cardinals chirping… with a sleeping baby in my arms, and my dear husband by my side, this idyllic afternoon in May couldn’t have gotten any better. Keep reading to see more pictures.






  1. Beautiful! I remember arriving in Tennessee from Australia and starting out the window my first morning feeling like the first European explorers seeing the jungles of Virginia for the very first time. One felt that if one discarded a bit of lamppost it would take root…

  2. Happy Anniversary Love Birds! Beautiful pictures and post! Thank you! Blessings, Jen

    - Jen Key
  3. Lovely, Heidi! That was such a fun read. I vote for more! (Hear that, little James? Mama needs to write more).

    - Nawelle
  4. Wow! I really enjoy seeing places where I haven’t been. That is beautiful!

    - Jane

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