Botkin Siblings Talk at the Noah Conference


Heidi and James and I are at the Noah Conference this weekend, along with a lot of our family and about 2000 friends. We’ve had a lot of great conversations, a lot of exciting stories, and heard a lot of great lectures. Five of the Botkin kids also got to give a talk this afternoon, entitled “What Our Parents Taught Us to Do with Our Lives” where we talked about nine spiritual tools that they gave us to build with.

When our parents were raising us, they gave us specific goals, goals like service, making disciples, meeting needs, and ultimately seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. But they also gave of a lot of tools to help us work to meet those goals. The list of things that our parents worked hard to give us is unending, but for the sake of brevity, my siblings and I sat down and we distilled nine really key tools:

  1. A Biblical Standard
  2. A Godly Example
  3. A Solid Understanding of our Place in the World
  4. A Multi-Vocational Vision
  5. Discipline & Character Training
  6. Allies & Teamwork Experience
  7. The Ability to Teach Ourselves
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Good Physical Tools


It was really great to work with everyone on this talk. The many, many hours that we spent going over all the many, many ways that our parents have worked to prepare us for life an battle were very sweet, and the fact that we couldn’t quite squeeze even these few tools into a single hour is a testimony to their diligence.

We’re looking forward to another day of good lectures and fellowship, and James is looking forward to another day of wide open spaces in the vendor hall and the slippery new floors!


  1. Do you know if we’ll be able to get this talk on the Western Conservatory website?

    - Elizabeth
    1. I am not sure; we haven’t discussed that yet. For now you can get all the conference audio from Generations, and individual recordings might pop up on the Resounding Voice online store.

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