Baby James turns 1 Year Old


This week our darling little boy turned one year old. For the past month I’ve been reminiscing about all the things I was doing and feeling a year ago leading up to James’ birth. Part of me misses that anticipation and excitement, and I definitely teared up a bit looking at pictures of 1 day old little James, but every new milestone and age has so much joy (and I definitely don’t miss all the pregnancy aches and pains)!

Watching him learn new skills and develop into his own little person has been even more fun than I imagined. James has to be one of the most outgoing, cheerful, smiley, and social babies I have ever met. He exudes enthusiasm and a zest for life and exploring, and nearly always has a smile on his lips and a bounce in his little steps, whether he’s playing on toy cars with me, or climbing on armored cars with Daddy.


James learned to walk just a few weeks before his first birthday and is now toddling all over the house. He loves to play with his tractors and trucks (complete with little car noises), chase balls under the dining room table, snuggle with his sheepskin blanket, build little towers with his blocks, and wait on the front porch for Daddy to come home while picking Mommy’s flowers. His favorite songs right now are the William Tell Overture, Psalm 11, and If You’re Happy and You Know It (now that he can clap).

The Lord gave me my heart’s desire when I married Isaac, but when He sent James to our family, my cup was filled to overflowing.

Happy Birthday, dear boy!


  1. Absolutely precious!!!! Happy birthday to your sweet James!!! Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures! Love and blessings, Jen for the Key fam

    - Jen Key
  2. Amazing pictures, amazing words, amazing family…more amazing God!

    - Papa
  3. Awww Baby James, you are s PRECIOUS! :) The way your mommy and daddy describe you; wow you are growing up fast and learning things at an early age. You are so blessed little man. Happy Birthday!

    - Emily
  4. Happy birthday to your happy little man!

    - Nawelle
  5. Sweet James! Happy Birthday! Marian is going to have to stop calling him ‘baby james’!

  6. Thank you, both Heidi and Isaac, for sharing this with us.

    One like that little outfit was given to your cousin, Sean, just a few years after you wore this. Memories made current by your tender affection and loving what your forebears love.

    With love and prayers,
    Aunt Betsy

    - betsy griffin

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