James is Thankful Too!


Although James has been a large part of our last two thankfulness posts, we thought we’d let him get in on the action and record all the things that James is thankful for. He’s one of the most enthusiastically cheerful and happy babies I’ve ever known, and his zeal for life is evident in a lot of these shots. He’s a very social baby and loves to be with people, especially his two favorite people in the world: Mommy and Daddy.

This very beloved sheepskin from Uncle Chad and Aunt Becky is indispensable. As soon as he catches a glimpse of it, he immediately lets out a long “oooohhh”, and a huge grin spreads across his face while he pops his thumb into his mouth.


Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel is in the top few favorite books, and is usually the second thing he asks for in the morning, right after asking for “Da-da”.


James loves to cook, wash dishes and “help” with anything that I’m doing.


Here’s helping at it’s finest. Recently we bought a new-to-us refrigerator off of Craigslist, and while James helped unload everything small from the old fridge, he wanted, of course, to reach the stuff at the back.


James is a pro at helping hang the wet cloth diapers on indoor laundry drying rack, and he very kindly says “Thank you” after handing me each item.


While this broom is a mite big right now, I’m sure that this determined little boy will be sweeping like a champ before long.


Any time that Daddy is home and working with tools, James is right in the middle of the action.


We are all very thankful for the technology that allows us to Skype with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins far away in Colorado. James can get very animated on these calls, and will even jump up and down in excited anticipation when he hears the Skype ring – even before anyone has answered!


James is thankful for Grandfather Botkin, who lives very nearby. Grandfather has fascinating glasses to touch, and he makes up fun games to play with James.


And he also very much loves Papa Roach, who lives far away. Papa Roach has the best elephant noise James has ever heard, and the biggest repertoire of fun kid’s songs that keep James happy on long car rides.


James loves music and can frequently be found dancing to music in our kitchen. He also loves it when aunts help him play the piano and the harp.


Cousins are also a big part of James’ life; and with 7 boy cousins and 1 girl cousin, all under the age of 5, there’s always plenty of excitement, drama and fun!


The rest of James’ days are filled with reading books, stirring up pots of block soup, making animal noises, and playing with toy soldiers.


James is a philosophic baby. He also spends time just looking around and contemplating the world.


James is very thankful for a batch of new puppies this fall, as well as all the other animals that can be found at Grandfather and Grandmother’s house: turkeys, chickens, guineas, cows, dogs and cats.


James is very thankful that Tennessee has so many places to explore… and so many things that live under things!


Towards the end of the day, James starts to ask for Da-da. If Isaac is coming home at a normal hour, which is now after dark, James watches from a window. If Isaac comes home early, we play outside, and James is usually surprised to see the car pull up.


But this week Isaac has been busy trying to catch up with work at T.REX – a mountain of orders after the Black Friday sale – and comes home pretty late and tired. He’s usually just in time to read a few books before James goes to bed.


Even though James can’t talk yet, we can tell that he is thankful by his expressions and noises. As he learns to speak, and can better articulate what is on his mind and heart, we are looking forward to guiding that thankfulness toward God.

  1. J-A-M-E-S…James, James, James!

    - Papa
  2. I’m here from the Western Conservatory site [and all the way from the UK at that!] but I just wanted to say that James is utterly adorable! God bless the three of you, and thank James for bringing a smile to the face of a far-off English girl :)

    - Helen

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