Men O’ War

This short film was made by myself and my brothers and sisters over the course of 5 weeks as a teaching tool for the 2006 San Antonio Film Academy. It was created using Lightwave 3D, the Adobe Production Studio bundle, and Cubase for the music. You can download it here in a number of formats:

Large 30mb Xvid AVI – Mirror 1
Small 7mb Xvid AVI – Mirror 1
Quicktime 10mb h264 – Mirror 1

You can also see it on Youtube. I’ve posted a number of articles on how it was made:

Sound Effects

LEGO, the minifigure and the brick configuration are trademarks
of the LEGO Group which does not sponsor this film.

  1. My brothers and i loved this little movie. Thank you so much. We were supposed to come to the film festival this year but my dad’s job would not permit it. Maybe next year.

    Zachary Ente (14)
    Jacob Ente(9)
    Sam Ente(7)
    Jonah Ente(4)

  2. Neat show! My sister and I love lego movies. This was great–and biblical, too. Btw, I love the sound track!

    From a feminine warrior,
    Jamie Joyce

    - Jamie T.
  3. Great show! did you have to pay any fees to The LEGO Group to use the design?

    P.S. Great soundtrack!

    - Anthony DeFazio
  4. Great Lego Movie!

    - Eugene D.

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